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2380 Seaton Ave, Fremont, NE 68025

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Pictures Courtesy of Becky Novacek

Our Vision

Our mission here at Full Life Church is, “…helping people become passionate followers of
Jesus Christ…”. We want to impact the community of Fremont in a mighty way.

In order to fulfill that mission, God has given us a vision which includes
reaching out strategically in four different directions…

1. Reaching UP to a loving God – Matt 6:9-13; Luke 18:1-8; John 4:24; I Thess 5:18; Heb 13:15
Through prayer – which brings the release of the Holy Spirit’s power
Through praise – which brings the refreshing of the Holy Spirit’s presence

We envision Full Life Church as a place where people can reach up and encounter the Living
God through a vibrant faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross; a place where prayer
and praise to our God are not just ‘spiritual’ activities, but are a lifestyle; a place where the
Holy Spirit’s power and presence are passionately pursued, and his gifts are welcomed and

2. Reaching IN to the lives of believers – Col 3:16; 2 Tim 2:1-2; Phil 4:9
Through the teaching of God’s Word – which brings transformation in hearts and
Through training in God’s ways – which brings transformation in lifestyles, habits, and

We envision Full Life Church being a place where the spiritual growth of every believer is a
priority; where the Word of God is applied to our lives through relevant Bible teaching; where
every believer discovers, develops, and deploys their spiritual gifts in ministry to others; and
where life transformation is the norm.

3. Reaching OUT to a lost generation – Matt 28:18-20; 1 Pet 3:15; Rom 10:14-17
Through creative personal evangelism opportunities
Through corporate planned evangelism strategie

We envision Full Life Church as a place where people are equipped and encouraged to reach
those people God has strategically placed around them with the good news of Jesus Christ; a
place where corporate opportunities are created for reaching our city; and a place that
supports sending the gospel to the ends of the earth by going, giving, and praying.

4. Reaching DOWN to lift up the hurting – Acts 2:44-46; 2 Cor 9:8; Matt 25:34-40
Through meeting needs
Through mending hearts

We envision Full Life Church as a community of believers who intentionally get involved in
the lives of hurting people to minister to their practical, emotional, and spiritual needs;
where meeting needs and mending broken hearts is the everyday expression of people who
have been redeemed by Christ; and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect as
people for whom Christ died.

All weekly services are currently LIVESTREAM ONLY. Please visit www.facebook.com/fremont.full.life.church for all past and current services. Click here for an update!