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He Has Risen!

Please read the Gospel accounts for Jesus’ resurrection.

Lost; saddened; afraid; hopeless; failure; depressed. I’m sure we could go on and on with the feelings that the disciples were most likely experiencing. For three years they were following Jesus, learning from Him, watching Him perform miracles, seeing Him live outside of the norm.

As my wife gave birth to our daughter a year and a half ago, I never could have imagined the love that I would have for her at this moment in her short lived live. Erika and I have been with Zoey for half the time the disciples were with Jesus, if we were to lose her I’d be devastated…crushed. I would feel hopeless for a moments time.

I’m sure that’s exactly how the disciples felt when they saw Jesus take His last breath three days prior to today. If we do historical research, we will see how afraid they truly were. Many claim that they locked themselves in a room, not wanting to go out in public. They were to torn to be able to do anything. But then it happened. “Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to see the tomb.” If we continue to read Matthew 28 we find out that an angel appeared to the women and said, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, for he has risen, as he said.” As they witnessed this they became frightened, as would I. As they were running from the tomb with mixed emotions they saw Jesus and worshipped Him.

Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord!! Think of the emotions going through their body at that moment! They just witnessed their teacher, who was crucified, died, and now was risen…I’d be ecstatic! Though some doubted when they saw Jesus, many worshipped Him, as should we. What comes with Jesus’ empty tomb and our lives is life changing. We go from a hopeless sinner to a saved sinner! We go from dirty clothing marked with all our wrongs to being seen as white as snow. Praise God! Jesus’ empty tomb gives us reason to have hope, to have love, to have joy!

What is it in your life that makes it seem as though you have no hope? I’m pretty sure that while the disciples were locked in the building after Jesus’ death that they were hopeless, but then they witness Him alive again…hope was restored! You may be facing a trial that robs you of hope, but know that God works in great timing…though it may be delayed, He will move in your circumstance, it’s our job to wait on His timing; but we have something the disciples did not…we have God’s Word…that informs us that no matter the situation, we already have hope; for Christ has already risen!