But, I Don't Wanna!

Bzzzzzzz ...Bzzzzzzz...Bzzzzzzz...Bzzzzzzz. My I-Phone vibrated on the nightstand, followed by strumming guitar ringtones. It was 4:15 a.m. My husband needed to leave in half an hour for work. I heard him flip the covers back, place his feet on the floor, and yawn. Then in a tone of voice , much like a four- year- old forced to eat liver and onions, I heard him say, "But,I don't wanna!" I giggled and ventured to the kitchen to brew coffee and fry eggs. A bit later, he shuffled into the living room buttoning his shirt, then yet another yawn and stretch. Looking at his shoes on the floor, then at me, he once again said in that cutsey kid voic