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The FAITH of the Un-Loveable

Please read Mark 1:40-45

Lost, lonely, depressed, bitterness. If I wanted, I’m sure I could have continued with words that most likely were inside of the man’s heart who had leprosy. In Biblical times those who had leprosy were shunned from families, friends and even the area they lived in. But one of the most fascinating pieces of this scripture to me is the man’s faith when wanting to be healed.

I’m positive that many people would not associate with this man…they probably didn’t even give him the time of day while seeing him; yet, this man, “came to Jesus imploring him and kneeling.” Imploring means an immense begging. This man was at his limits. He knew his only chance to be healed was through Jesus Christ! But when he came to Jesus, he didn’t just stand there and ask Jesus to heal him, he was on his knees…begging Jesus to heal him. How many of us come to Jesus during a storm and casually ask for Him to help us? How many of us sit there and honestly beg for Him to heal us of our hurts, pains, thoughts, bitterness, wickedness etc.?

I believe whole heartedly that the reason Jesus healed this man was because of his humbleness and his faith, he was on his knees begging Jesus to heal him; while he was begging Jesus, he uttered the words, “if you will, you can make me clean.” There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that Jesus could heal him, it was quite opposite. He knew Jesus could heal him, it was a matter of whether Jesus wanted to or not.

As the story goes on we see Jesus heal the man and sternly tell him not to tell anyone in which the man does the exact opposite (which is for another devotion). But when we read this story, we should be moved by this man’s faith. He was living with a condition that no one wants nor would anyone associate with him; yet, he came to Jesus for healing knowing Jesus could heal him.

What is it that you need healing from? Is it bitterness toward another person? Is it healing from your past? Is it healing in your marriage? I believe that God wants to heal all of us, it is a matter of how long we want to implore Him for healing. The thing about healing that we often fail to recognize is that sometimes healing doesn’t take place on the outer half, sometimes when God heals us it will take place on the inner half – our hearts and minds.

To be healed, physically or emotionally, one must come humbly, on their knees, ready to implore and submit themselves to the Lord. That’s when healing begins to take place. Let us pray. Prayer: Father – we thank You for what you’ve done in our lives to this point. Lord, we thank You for showing us this man’s faith in Mark and how we can apply it to our lives. We thank You for already healing us from our spiritual bondage; but God we ask in Jesus’ name that you begin to heal within us whatever needs healing. Whether that be bitterness toward someone, healing within our hearts towards our spouses, healing toward our family members…whatever it is Lord I pray in Jesus name that you being the process of healing. Lord God You CAN heal us, so I pray that we come ready to kneel…imploring that You will do so. Hallelujah!