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The Great Sustainer

“Even to your old age I am he, and to gray hairs I will carry you. I have made, and I will bear; I will carry and will save.” Isaiah 46:4

I remember it being a cold afternoon, soon to be dinner time. If one would look up all they would have seen was grey clouds. The tree’s no longer had leaves on their limbs, the grass was beaten and run down. Usually you would avoid being hit, for the impact on the dirt was worse then the cold temperatures. As us football players were buckling up our chinstraps, we could hear our head coach yell, “Let’s gooo, I’m not getting any younger and you’re just getting older.” We dragged ourselves back onto the field for what seemed like hours of practice.

Getting old can never be fun. As high schoolers, you would hear your parents, your friends parents and teachers all say, “enjoy this time because it’ll go fast.” Looking back I can say that I really did enjoy my time in high school. But now, as I’m writing this, I often say, “Where has the time gone?” I know, many of you who know me are probably thinking, “J.J. you’re only 30,” and you’re right, I am only 30. It was just the other week I remember driving my car to pick up some groceries and I began thinking to myself, “I’m 30 now. It appears that my days are getting shorter and shorter as the 24 hours go by faster and faster.”

As we all know, as our ages climb our bodies begin to fall apart. We may be able to still play sports, stay up late and run around with family but often times it makes the next day a little more challenging with the awakening soreness. But as young as I am, I realize that I am getting older…and I don’t want to waste my days that God has given me.

I find Isaiah 46:4 helpful, “Even to your old age I am he, and to gray hairs I will carry you.” If we read a couple chapters before (chapter 44) we can see that this particular verse deals with false gods which are made by humans. The problem with false gods is that they have to be carried out by the humans who have made them.

So why is it great to have a relationship with Christ? Why is it so important to be in Gods Word daily? Simply put, God carries us. As believers, we can find rest and strength in our Creator; the One who provided for us from the beginning of our lives!

I have found that growing old can be rather dangerous. We begin to scramble and try to find ways that can keep us, “Current.” We can count on Christ to keep us current. He is the one that provides for us daily, He is the one that gives us peace, He is the one that strengthens us when we can’t seem to get out of bed and He is the one that can save us.

As we are all growing older, what is something that lingers on your mind these days? Lets all surrender our current fears to God and let Him take care of us. Prayer: Father, may we find our refuge and strength in You, oh Lord. May we not grow tire and weary, but have energy and joy as we are walking around as vessels for Your Kingdom! Lord, may we surrender all our thoughts and fears that may come to us to You.